ShadowObjects business management support is inclusive of acquisition management; engineering; system requirements generation, validation, and flow down; logistics; contract management; acquisition documentation and milestone preparations; test and evaluation planning and management; environmental management, and risk management. We facilitate the preparation, tailoring, staffing, review and approval of essentially all statutory and regulatory DoD 5000 series related acquisition solutions.

Acquisition Management

Our personnel work closely with the Program Offices to provide the expert acquisition support that they require, and under their direction we draft Acquisition Management Plans, Acquisition Strategies, Test and Evaluation Master Plans, and Command, Control, Communications, Computers Intelligence Support Plans (C4ISP).

Financial & Cost Analysis

ShadowObjects is recognized as an innovative service provider of financial and cost support services within the federal government and private industry.  We stay on the cutting edge of new cost estimating methodologies, but, ensure that we provide exactly what level of expertise is required for the best user interface and solution set.  We create customized and detailed financial spreadsheets, load Cost Planning data, and build new Project/Budget Structures in the Navy ERP system. ShadowObjects efforts are focused along the entire supply chain using advanced planning, analysis, and simulation tools to provide optimized industrial support for normal operations, surge and sustainment conditions.

Contracts Management

ShadowObjects is experienced in federal contracts management and administration.  Our contracts management personnel are fluent in all procurement and contracts documentation to include Procurement Planning Agreements, Program Initiation Documents (PIDs), draft Statements of Work (SOW), Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRLs) and Justification and Agreements (J&A).


ShadowObjects provides full spectrum budget and financial management support for DoD acquisition programs.

Some of the primary forecasting support functions that SO performs is:

  • Analytical support of Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE)
  • Program Objective Memorandum (POM) input
  • Responses for resource sponsor, Congressional staff briefs, NPDM, GAO, PEO, and FMB
  • Tracking for the commitment, obligation and expenditure of funds using SAP reports.

Multidimensional Analyses

ShadowObjects takes a “big picture” approach to our customers’ needs.  Because we sit within their program offices helping them manage their program functions, such as budget, execution, logistics, risk, etc., we are in a position to upgrade the analysis data we are able to provide to ensure that they can make “big picture” decisions based on a set of logical data inputs covering all of the major areas of concern within the management of their programs.  SO performs multidimensional analysis, a process that groups data into two or more categories of data dimensions and measurements.

SO analysis support to DoD includes investigation/analysis of equipment problems and logistics issues.  This analysis includes reliability, maintainability, and supportability issues.  Review life cycle cost and/or total ownership cost.  Report affordability/ supportability concerns that have the potential to be addressed via technology insertion to lower life cycle costs.