Quality and compliance should not be an afterthought; rather it should be a part of the management style of all team member managers and leaders. It is incumbent on all team members, their managers and employees to not merely be focused on enhancing organizational output and productivity, but to also be aware of achieving a greater degree of quality and compliance within the Organization frameworks established.

Jeffrey R. Fairfax, President

Jeff has in depth expertise in financial, contracts management and related applications with the Department of Defense (DOD).  His professional skills include a thorough working knowledge of the Navy Enterprise Resource Planning System, PPBS (Procurement, Planning, and Budgeting System) and DOD 5000 series. As a Program Manager he has been recognized by Senior Executives within DOD for his exemplary performance.  Jeff has a Master of Science in Management with a Concentration in Information Systems and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminology, with a concentration in Pre-Law.

Kenneth C. Wathen, Technologist

Chet Wathen has in-depth experience in the fields of information engineering, software development, and business process reengineering as applied to the military industrial sector and has been a driving force behind SO’s recognition in the market place. Technological applications include Configuration Management (CM), Performance Based Logistics (PBL), and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA). He has extensive experience in the capturing of business requirements through the use of advanced modeling tools and the design and development of software solutions to meet those goals.  He has worked extensively with integrating commercial software products with existing systems to achieve business practice change. Chet has a BS in Mathematics & Computer Science and a minor in Industrial Engineering.