Cyber Security

ShadowObjects maintains a multidisciplinary approach to cybersecurity.  It is one that leverages the latest technologies and standards to maximize security in the digital environment. In a world where everyone is connected, our future is tied to the access, availability and synthesis of information. Our approach integrates cyber technology with policy, operations, people and management. It provides our clients with robust cybersecurity solutions, and enables them to feel confident utilizing these solutions as we work towards mission requirements during a digital revolution and in an evolving threat environment.  We keep the vulnerabilities created when new hardware or software is introduced into the system among our highest priorities.

SO technology engineers evaluate and prioritize emerging technologies, build secure cyber architectures, and develop and implement effective standards to ensure interoperability, integration, and innovation.  We have the very best cyber professionals with expertise and education in cyber assurance, engineering, solutions, IT management and mission assurance.  Our engineers stay one step ahead of would-be cyber attackers.  We understand that an effective solution means that the cybersecurity technology must be fully integrated into the larger network. And lastly, our technology solutions include systems that provide secure content management, intrusion detection, and automated monitoring, encryption, and authentication tools. All these tools need to work together in a systematic and secure way to maximize capability while minimizing risk.

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