Quality Assurance Plan

Our Program Manager and the entire ShadowObjects Team are committed to a working partnership with NAVSEA to ensure both parties are aligned with goals and expectations. ShadowObjects is committed to offering outstanding program support to Navy, Marine Corps, DTRA, and other Navy virtual SYSCOM customers using Seaport-e. To conduct this support, we will offer a comprehensive quality assurance plan which is comprised of using modern Program Management tools and methodologies to manage, execute, report, and improve the quality and effectiveness of our services. We will leverage technology, tools and experience utilized by our teammates to implement continuous improvement initiatives using Six Sigma and Lean based operations.

Our Quality Assurance plan will incorporate Policies and Procedure; Segregation of Duties and Responsibilities, Reporting; and Operational and Organization audits in their management and operational framework in an effort to create an environment for continuous improvement.

Segregation of Duties ensures that no one person is solely responsible for the entire process end-to-end, without effective checks and balances. For example, key authorization processes should have appropriate checks and balances. The person, who originates the task or work breakdown, should not be the same person who executes the mission. These simple checks and balances ensure effective controls and reduce organizational error rates.

Written policies and procedures codify management’s criteria for executing an organization’s operations. Additionally, they document business processes, personnel responsibilities, departmental operations, and promote uniformity in executing and recording transactions. These policies and procedures serve as effective training tools for all ShadowObjects employees. Having a documented repository of your standard operating procedures at the operational, financial, manufacturing unit levels, ensures consistency of processes and reduces audit failures. All adopted organizational processes will be efficient and effective. Efficiency implies the most productive way to perform a task or function. Effectiveness implies that the given process has the intended outcome. Organizational process-flows have to be designed with both efficiency and effectiveness in mind.

Management reporting for all levels of the team will have a more strategic priority. The team reporting infrastructure will create visibility into the status of key processes and activities and enable the management and the auditors a way to get possibly real-time visibility into the key indicators of your organization. Reporting of key Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions (CAPA), Process KPI’s, employee training status to key processes, supplier and partner scorecards, quality maintenance reports on critical equipment and plants are some example of the management reporting system utilized by ShadowObjects Team Members.

Quality and compliance should not be an afterthought; rather it should be a part of the management style of all team member managers and leaders. It will be incumbent on all team member, their managers and employees to not merely be focused on enhancing organizational output and productivity, but are also aware of achieving greater degree of quality and compliance within the Organization frameworks established.

ShadowObjects Quality Assurance Plan offers its customers significant savings in cost, schedule, and performance through proven, well-managed methods of contract execution. We have the reputation, past performance and financial stability to support both small and large contracts. All contracts are performed using the highest standards of integrity, quality and fairness to our customers