Systems Engineering

ShadowObjects (SO) engineers support a wide range of requirements to DoD and commercial customers. SO provides full spectrum of engineering support and capabilities, including program management; systems engineering, technical analysis, and integration; modeling and simulation; sustainment engineering; and qualification, certification, and test and evaluation.

All Government programs seem to have a level of complexity, and more often than not, several stakeholders with complex challenges spanning engineering, management, acquisition, and leadership. ShadowObjects integrates these areas to get systems built, on time, on budget, and to meet the needs of their customers.  SO plays the role of applying many sources of data into a decision making approach, therefore taking on an “integration agent” role.  We apply our unique System Engineering & Integration (SE&I) methods, techniques, and tools to help defense, intelligence and civil agencies build and integrate some of the world’s most sophisticated technology, communications, and mission systems.

SO’s systems engineering approach enables our clients to deliver complex systems to the warfighter and that strengthen mission capabilities.  Systems we are involved in are delivered to their destination within cost and schedule constraints.  SO’s engineering personnel, processes, tools, and experience establish, integrate, and manage a system’s technical, cost, risk, and schedule information.  We do this in a single integrated baseline that evolves throughout the system’s lifecycle, which provides the greatest value to our customers.  In order to ensure that all stakeholder needs are met, our integrated baseline links technical and non-technical aspects of the program together and clearly identifies expectations.  The baseline provides the plan for executing all program activities and provides a foundation for allocating capabilities, performance, and responsibilities.  We use this to also identify dependencies among a program’s components, as well as, for integrating components together.  Our systems engineering approach ensures we can deploy capabilities into users’ operational mission environments.  The establishment of a baseline and the clear communication of data and results against the baseline provide stakeholders with a basis for evaluating changes and risks, and evaluating and affordably selecting options as programs evolve.

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